About FFTB

FFTB is an acronym that stands for "Fortune Favors The Bold", which is a famous phrase that's highly used in self-help success and motivational content, via social media, on blogs, in books and on merchandise. The acronym also has an alternate phrase, "Fortune Favors The Brave". (Google returns over 4 million results)

Fun Fact: In the movie "John Wick" (Keanu Reeves) has this phrase tattooed on his back in Latin.

4-Letter dot-coms are very valuable and highly sought after, as there are none left to be registered and they create highly memorable, very short, easy to spell, easy to say, quick to type addresses, which are powerful branding and marketing tools. FFTB is the perfect domain for a team or individual, looking to launch something in the financial or self-help success market.

Ideas For Use

FFTB.com can easily be used as a brand within the financial or self-help success market, but it can also be used as an acronym, to shorten the name of a company, product or service. Another use would be as a branded URL shortener, to mask long links shared on social media.

Other possible acronym meanings for FFTB could be ...

  • Food For The Brain
  • Fresh From The Bakery
  • Fantasy Football
  • Funnels Favor The Bold (example: Sales Funnels)

What You Get

Domain Name

You receive full ownership rights in FFTB.com and we'll transfer the domain to your GoDaddy Account or to the registrar of your choosing.

Custom Logo

You'll receive source files for your custom logo in .ai, .pdf, .jpeg and .png formats, for use on your website, business cards, merchandise and more!


Full copyright ownership in the logo will transfer to you. You'll receive a signed Copyright Certificate, showing legal transfer as required by law.

Purchase FFTB.com

Think about what FFTB.com is worth to your startup or rebrand and send us your best offer. Upon acceptance, you'll be sent an invoice and purchase agreement. Once we have a signed contract and completed payment, we can transfer assets.

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