Frequently Asked Questions

Need some quick answers? ... Check out the FAQ's to see how things work!

What comes with the purchase of a Startup Brand?

Our Startup Brands normally consist of a creative business name, a matching premium domain, and a custom logo. We may sometimes include an animated version of the logo, sample advertising creative and social media accounts.

You can find an exact description of what's included, by visiting the sales page for the particular Startup Brand you're interested in purchasing.

A completed purchase will include transfer of domain name ownership to your GoDaddy account or the registrar of your choosing. You will also receive source files for your logo and full copyright ownership will transfer to you as detailed in your purchase agreement.

What comes with the purchase of a Startup Company?

Our Startup Companies normally include the following:

  • A creative business or product name
  • Top-level domains to match business or product name
  • Brand Slogan
  • Brand Story
  • Business Category Ideas
  • Custom Visual Identity (static and animated)
  • Branded letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and may include other other relevant branding, such as office signage, product packaging, etc.
  • Custom Website
  • Branded and Ready-Made Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube and Instagram Accounts
  • Brand Guidelines Book
  • Federal Trademark Filing on Business Name, Logo and Slogan
  • All our Startup Companies are ready-made, legally registered entities, structured as Delaware LLC’s or Corporations
  • Also includes an LLC Startup Kit containing an elegant company binder, custom LLC ownership certificates, LLC operating agreement, and company seal.

When you purchase one of our Startup Companies, you’re purchasing ownership of a real company and all of its assets, which are listed above.

Other assets may include a 3-minute Explainer Video, company branded apparel and a Toll-Free Vanity Number.

Can I buy just a domain name?


A Startup Brand can sometimes be a stand-alone, undeveloped keyword or brandable domain. These are domains in our inventory that have yet to be given a slot in our development schedule. If you'd like to purchase one of our listed domains before it goes into brand development, we take all serious offers into consideration.

However, completed Startup Brands that are ready-made and listed, cannot be broken up into a domain-only sale.

Can I make an offer on a "buy now" price?


We don’t list many brands with “buy now” prices, but when we do, the prices are firm.

Do you offer financing on the purchase of your brands?


We can offer zero interest financing, for up to 12 months, depending on the size of the transaction. 

Why didn't I receive a response to my offer?

We normally respond to offers within 24-hours, unless it's the weekend. 

If you sent an offer that was well below the minimum stated on the sales page, you won't receive a reply. Our brands are valuable and receive a lot of interest, so for sake of time, we only reply to offers that make sense.

Our clients are entrepreneurs who have really big ideas that project into business revenues of 7 to 11 figures. We only respond to serious offers from entrepreneurs who meet that mindset and understand the value of the asset into which they're looking to acquire.

Can you provide custom design?


Our design team can start from scratch and either custom build you a new fully-branded startup company or rebrand your existing company, product or service, to take it to the next level!

Can I just buy a logo?


Brandaplenty™ isn't a logo factory. We provide a more all-inclusive brand development solution, which at a minimum, includes creating the name of your business, product or service, securing the digital real estate (the domain name) and also designing the visual identity. We can also go much further and build a fully-branded startup company, but offering logo design as a stand-alone service, just isn't our thing.

Also, logos you see listed as part of a ready-made Startup Brand or Startup Company, cannot be broken up into a logo-only sale.

How long does it take to transfer assets?

As soon as we receive a signed purchase agreement and your payment clears, we transfer assets immediately. The whole process, including payment verification, normally is complete within 3 business days.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept direct wire transfers to our bank, escrow through our attorney trust account, escrow through and depending on the size of your transaction, PayPal, Visa, Master Card and Amex.

How long is design time for a custom startup company?

Completion time depends on how complex the brand design will be, but normally 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you publish the purchase price of your brands?

We normally don’t, but reserve the right. If you prefer confidentiality on your acquisition cost, then we can include that in your purchase agreement.

Need Custom Branding?

Don't see a startup brand for your market? No problem ... we do custom work for big thinkers! We'll create a new brand name, design a custom logo and secure the matching dot-com domain name, all customized specifically for your brand vision and business category. Need more, like brand messaging, stationery design, website design, matching social media accounts, etc.? Yeah, we do that too! Just tell us what you need.