About Hightingale™

Hightingale™ is a luxury cannabis brand. The name Hightingale™ is a wordplay combo for High + Nightingale. High, obviously, is the slang term for that feeling Cannabis provides, and the Nightingale is a bird that's known for it's beautiful, melodius song. The logo icon represents a floating Nightingale with Cannabis wings.

Hightingale™ is a unique, elegant, upscale sounding name - waiting for a "high flying" entrepreneur to bring it to market. We'd launch it ourselves, but we have a rule about getting high on our own supply.

Who might be your competitors ...

  • Barney's
  • Canndescent
  • Beboe
  • Kurvana
  • Dosist
  •  And others

Ideas For Use

Hightingale™ was created to be used within the Cannabis industry, but it can be used to brand any business, product or service to fit your particular goals.

What You Get

Domain Name

You receive full ownership rights in Hightingale.com and we'll transfer the domain to your GoDaddy Account or to the registrar of your choosing.

Custom Logo

You'll receive source files for your custom logo in .ai, .pdf, .jpeg and .png formats, for use on your website, business cards, merchandise and more!


Full copyright ownership in the logo will transfer to you. You'll receive a signed Copyright Certificate, showing legal transfer as required by law.

Hightingale.com is For Sale!

Think about what Hightingale.com is worth to your startup, rebrand, new product or service launch. Then send us your best offer. Upon acceptance, we'll send a purchase agreement and payment details. When funds are secured, we'll transfer assets.

Escrow and Wire
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Need Custom Branding?

Don't see a startup brand for your market? No problem ... we do custom work for big thinkers! We'll create a new brand name, design a custom logo and secure the matching dot-com domain name, all customized specifically for your brand vision and business category. Need more, like brand messaging, stationery design, website design, matching social media accounts, etc.? Yeah, we do that too! Just tell us what you need.