About Lethal Wabbit™

In 2017, games took nearly 82% of all app revenues, hitting $48.3 Billion! Are you looking to become the next app store juggernaut with 7-figure daily revenues? ... Good! ... Because we've got a startup brand for bad-asses just like you!

Lethal Wabbit™ is a game studio brand from deep inside the rabbit hole, that's all about fast-paced, side-scrollin, beat 'em up action games, boasting ground-breaking digital bad-assery, which can only be described as the stuff of legend! The brand mascot is an iconic, agressive looking rabbit head, that makes a very clear statement ... Don't mess with the wabbit!

Lethal Wabbit™ is the perfect brand for an individual or team of hardcore creatives, looking to launch or rebrand a game studio with aggressive goals! ... Come get some!

What You Get

Domain Name

You receive full ownership rights in LethalWabbit.com and we'll transfer the domain to your GoDaddy Account or to the registrar of your choosing.

Custom Logo

You'll receive source files for your custom logo in .ai, .pdf, .jpeg and .png formats, for use on your website, business cards, merchandise and more!


Full copyright ownership in the logo will transfer to you. You'll receive a signed Copyright Certificate, showing legal transfer as required by law.


Use this LWE branded account to inform your followers of new game releases, updates, press mentions, events and even handle support questions.


Use this LWE branded account to show trailers of upcoming game releases, showcase gameplay of current games, and gain exposure from YT traffic.


Use this LWE branded account to show teasers of new game releases, pics of merchandise, company events, and share game download links.




Hey, who doesn't like a good side-scrollin beat 'em up with some classic hand-to-hand street brawlin, kung-fu, machetes and machine guns? Oh yeah ... and let's thrown in some bad-ass rabbits with super-speed karate combos and carrot blades! Think "Ninja Turtles", but rabbits instead, with stunning graphics and hardcore gritty beat downs like "Shank"!

Additional domain included: LethalWabbits.com

LethalWabbit.com is For Sale!

Think about what LethalWabbit.com is worth to your startup, rebrand, new product or service launch. Then send us your best offer. Upon acceptance, we'll send a purchase agreement and payment details. When funds are secured, we'll transfer assets.

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