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"Mobile App Development" gets on average, over 40,000 monthly searches on Google with high competition!

Top Adwords advertisers are bidding $20 + per click to stay in position 1, costing over $3,000 per day.

Google Trends shows the keyword term “Mobile App Development” trending higher and higher, since 2009.

Own The Eyeballs Looking For Mobile App Development With This Category Killer Domain. Take Over A $70 Billion Industry!

The big money being made in Mobile App Development, comes from two areas: Enterprise Business Apps and Games! Just Look in the Top Ten, Top Paid on the App Store and you’ll find the majority of the time that 5 or more apps are always games. Look in the Top Ten, Top Grossing and you’ll find that the majority of the time, 7 to 8 of the apps are always games! And that’s not coming from a niche search ... That’s Top Paid and Top Grossing out of the entire app store! In 2016, games took 82% of all app revenues, hitting $36.5 Billion!

Big businesses in the need of enterprise mobile apps are spending 6 to 7 figures for the development of one app! If you’re serious about being a leader in Mobile App Development, you’re either building high-end games and/or enterprise business apps. And if you are, then you should own the category with

Here Are Some Useful ideas ...

Gain Targeted Traffic and Prestige

You could use this domain to forward to your existing business and receive type-in traffic and instant credibility for owning this category defining domain.

App Development Community

You could build a Mobile App Development community, specifically for developers to come and showcase their work, share ideas, resources, put themselves out for hire, etc. Think Dribble and/or Behance, specifically for high-end Mobile App Development. Serious clients could come here and find talent. The going rate for talented top-notch app developers is $100 to $175 per hour and flat rate projects for highly polished games and enterprise business apps, start at 6-figures and climbs to 7.

App Development Company

You could start a serious App Development Company that focuses solely on the building of Enterprise Business Apps and highly polished mobile games. Games that compete with the likes of the App Store Titans, like Supercell (Clash Of Clans) and (Candy Crush) … Build valuable assets such as those and then have a second arm of your company that focuses solely on the launch and marketing of the game apps!

You’ll be offering your clients a one-stop shop, where they can not only have an impressive app asset designed and built, but can also have it launched from the same place. This is valuable! And can easily go for a six to 7-figure price tag, per project.

Update: King Digital Entertainment, AKA The Candy Crush Company, was acquired by Activision for almost $6 Billion! The development and marketing of one game app (Candy Crush) has allowed them to become a market leader with users spending over $1.3 billion on in-app purchases! 

Supercell, with only 3 games, pulled in $2.3 Billion in reveneue in 2015 and the bulk of that came from their most popular game, Clash Of Clans! In 2012 Clash Of Clans pulled in a reported $101 million and then the following year it skyrocketed to $892 million.  A $791 million dollar increase in one year, from one game! ... That's big money and this confirms what we said earlier ... The biggest opportunity in mobile app development is in games and enterprise business apps!

App Development Classes

This domain would be perfect for a school offering education in Mobile App Development.

Become The Market Leader

A category-killer premium domain could give you instant credibility and help you quickly take over a market! If you’re building high-end enterprise business apps and mobile games, invest in this domain now, before one of your competitors!

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